Serious Things You Must Know About Metabolic Weight Loss

 “Dear stomach you’re bored, not hungry. So shut up.”

metabolic weight loss

Metabolic Weight Loss

Does metabolism really affect your weight? Does slow metabolism increase your weight? You might have heard a lot of people saying this thing and asking such questions about metabolism affecting their weight. So hears the truth.

Yes, metabolism affects your body weight as it is the process linked with food consumption and energy. You will be shocked that metabolism was one of the major factors that you are having weight, fat and other body problems.

What Is High Metabolism Rate?

Metabolic weight loss is very easy if you have a look at this article you will get to know that losing weight through a fast metabolism rate is very easy. Metabolism refers to the process your stomach converts food into energy which your body needs to carry out daily processes. There are several metabolism boosting foods too which are discussed below.

Metabolic Weight Calculator

Metabolic weight calculators are used to calculate the rate at which your body burns calories. BMR calculator is type of metabolic weight calculator which is used to measure your BMR rate.

Metabolism Boosting Foods

foods to lose

  1. blueberry
  2. almonds
  3. proteins from whey,
  4. salmon
  5. Phylum Husk.
  6. spinach
  7. turkey
  8. oatmeal
  9. Water
  10. Green tea

Converting Food Into Energy


As you consume food the process or converting it inn energy is started. Your body needs energy to carry out different functions such as walking and carrying out daily processes. Even when you’re sleeping your body carries out hidden functions such as breathing, blood circulation, and other functions similar to this.

The energy need to be used up in these functions is your basal rate. Basal rate is also what you call metabolic rate. There are different metabolic rate depending on each individual for their metabolic weight loss. Following are the factors which determine your metabolic or basal rate.

Size Of Your Body

Size can be said to be a greater factor to determine weight as compared to other factors. The bigger your size the more you consume and the more you convert food into energy. Having a bigger size means that you will burn more calories whatever you’re doing even if you are walking or you’re sleeping.





Male and female both have their own method of carrying out processes whatever they do they cannot be same. The amount of food these two different genders consume or other processes they are totally different from each other. Likewise the amount of fats in males is likely to be less than females.



Age Of Individual

As you grow older with time your body decreases in the amount of muscles and hence increases in fats. The process of your body is slow downed and your body is weakened. Age is also a major factor that counts in one individual. By the time you get 50 years your body is not even able to walk and carry out daily basic processes.

To be fit you have to do regular exercises which help you fasten your metabolic rate. Tips and tricks which help in fastening your metabolism are discussed further in this article

Your metabolic weight loss depends totally on your mind. “Change your mind, change your body.”

Metabolism counts for about 70% of calories you burn a day. Further 2 more factors which determine how much calories you burn daily.

Processing Of Food

The way your body process food also determines how much calories you will burn in a day. Calories are also taken during the process of transporting food in body for example from your mouth to the stomach till it is out of the body. Digesting food and storing it for a short period of time in your body. Another process is absorbing and in total these processes consume up to 800 calories.

The Physical Activities Of The Day

Physical activities help in the digestion of food. You must have heard that after eating food you must walk for about 30 minutes which will help in the digestion of the food more quick. Physical activities are by far the most helpful in determining how much calories you burn in a day.Some of the example of physical activities is that you play tennis or walk to the store or if you’re even driving a car or something like that it is considered as a physical activity which helps to burn calories.



Weight And Metabolism

If you are blaming metabolism for your increasing weight you are wrong as metabolism is not only thing that causes an increase in weight. Eating more than you are burning will surely be a reason of your increase in weight.

Fat is considered to be the most disastrous problem of this century as people are eating more than they are burning and this is causing heart diseases and many other body problems. It is a fact that 300000 people die every year around the globe due to obesity.

Some people lose weight more quick as compared to other but in the end the thing is that if you want to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you are eating. An energy deficit is a must to lose weight other than metabolic weight loss.

No Supplements Please!

Supplements which offer you that they will increase your metabolic rate have a lot of side-effects which will be dangerous for you in the future. These supplements cause more problems than they offer to solve. These pills and supplements cause more obesity in the long run.

Moreover, these supplements cause metabolic problems too. Natural ways are the best to fasten your metabolism. The base of weight loss is simple as a cheese cake. Just eat lesser calories than you burn daily.

These supplements sometime claims to be very effective but trust me they will kill you as they increase the chances of cancer in your body. There was a report about a man who took supplements which claimed to be herbal. The supplement caused liver problems and the person died due to these liver problems which he was facing.

My advice to everyone is that please try to use natural ways and focus on your diet and physical activities to fasten your metabolic rate. There are no benefits of using pills and other artificial or medical methods.

You will always end up in unfavorable results. Whether they are metabolism fastening pills or other supplements for other body purposes such as body building and things like that. Furthermore, metabolic weight loss diet is discussed you must have a look at it.

10 Diet Blunders You Make Which Is Seriously Slowing Your Metabolism

You Don’t Eat Enough Food

You don’t eat enough food to carry out daily processes which are essential for your body. Metabolic weight loss doesn’t means that you stop the metabolic processes by stop eating enough. Some people stop eating which gives the metabolism a break.

Moreover, not eating up to the amount your body needs to do its daily processes will cause your body to consume your muscles and other energy in your body. You will end up in slow metabolism and health problem by not eating well.

Eat just enough to satisfy your hunger not yourself. The best way is that try to eat after intervals of 3 hours before your meals take little amount of meal to keep your metabolism in process.

Avoiding Caffeine

You think caffeine is dangerous for health? Okay let me tell you something. Caffeine is not dangerous to health! Change the way you think about caffeine because caffeine is very important in life. It is stimulant of central nervous system.

Moreover, after a research on some people it was stated that the people who drank a cup of tea daily had a boost in their metabolic rate with 12% than those who didn’t drank tea. Tea also helps to lose weight there are some tea types which helps to lose weight. Green tea is one of the best for weight loss it fastens your metabolism as well as burns your fats too. Oolong tea is also known as one of the best tea for weight lost. You must try one of these tea types they are good for your skin too and contains many other hidden benefits.

Carbs You Consume Are White

The amount of fiber intake is very less you should try to consume more fiber rich foods such as fresh vegetables. Moreover, shift to white fiber which is whole grain white bread and other wheat made products. Wheat is rich in fiber.

Vegetable salads help to fasten your metabolism and also contains high amount of minerals which are good for your skin and helps to avoid pimples too. If you want to have clean and clear skin start using vegetables in your diets.

Did you ever asked someone that why cucumber is used to get rid of black lining under your eyes? Cucumber is rich is minerals and your skin needs minerals so start eating vegetables.

Water Consumption Is Low

The amount of water is less you should try to drink more and more water as it is said that water can help shed about 5 pounds a month. 6 glass of water is compulsory for a good metabolism moreover; try to drink water before eating something it will help you consume less amount of solid food.

Another important tip is that the water you are consuming should not be very chilled try to drink water which is at room temperature.

The Meal You Eat Is Covered With Pesticides

Researchers have found that food containing pesticides are also not good for metabolic weight loss. Organic food such as fruits are best but they have many pesticides try to eat your food after cleaning it thoroughly with water. Pesticides are harmful for your stomach and slow down your metabolic rate too.

These pesticides are become toxic and interfere in your fat burning process or you can say your healthy processes which your body carries out. Always try to get the organic fruits because non-organic foods tend to have a higher amount of pesticides as compared to organic ones.

Lack Of Proteins

Proteins are essential for metabolic processes as it helps your muscles to lean and burns fats too. Try to eat a little amount of yogurt. Yogurt contains good bacteria which are good for your stomach. Yogurt is also thought to be good for our bones and joints.

This topic about proteins as a daily consumption is discussed many times and after many researches it has been confirmed that they should be taken daily by every individual whether they are small kids or adults. Do not start eating a lot of protein rich foods as excess of anything are also harmful for health.

Less Consumption Of Iron

Women’s lose iron through menstruation and this iron needs to restore as it is essential to carry out important processes in our body. Restock your stores if you don’t want to slow down your metabolic rate.

Iron has many health benefits including eyes sight benefits as it is good for eyesight. Iron is also good for bones and growth of an individual. Some of the iron rich foods are meat, eggs, spinach you must have seen Popeye cartoon those cartoons showed that after eating spinach Popeye had ultimate powers. So let me tell you that yes those cartoons weren’t just fantastical the spinach part was reality.

Lack Of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is very important as it is one of the major things which run our daily metabolic processes. Have you ever noticed the footballers who play a lot under the scorching sun? Sun rays contain vitamin D it is shocking but yes it is true.

Moreover, foods which contains vitamin D are salmons, shrimp, tofu, fortified milk but the sad part is that we don’t take too much of these foods rich in vitamin D. For a great and healthy metabolic weight loss method you must include iron in your daily routine.

Too Many Drinks In One Day

You are taking too many alcoholic drinks in one day which is very dangerous for metabolism as well as livers. Alcohol damages livers too and causes liver failure which will kill you. Having too much alcohol causes your body to burn fats slowly.

Try to avoid alcoholic drinks and start drinking fresh fruit juices which is good for health too. A fact is that drinking alcohol can reduce the process of burning fats in our body.

You Are Not Getting Enough Dairy Products

Dairy products are a must to daily meal try to eat yogurt or at least have a cup of milk. Metabolic weight loss is encouraged by dairy products. Do not take more than required amount of dairy products as dairy products also cause obesity. You should have low fat or fat free dairy products.

Metabolic Diet Menu

Here are some of the metabolic weight loss diet plans and things you should eat daily to fasten your metabolic weight loss rate


  • Egg white omelet with some ham and low fat cheddar and one rye or seeded crunchy bread with a little butter.
  • 150ml V8 vegetable liquid and a generous sensation of reduced-fat cheese peppered with walnuts along with cinnamon.
  • Easy egg cups, one slice lean bacon and one crunchy bread or a slice of reduced-carb toast.
  • Six small pancakes served with a small amount of reduced fat butter and lemon juice with two shreds of turkey bacon.
  • One reduced- carb toast or crunchy bread with a tablespoon of sugar-free peanut butter and one cup without sweetening soy milk.


  • Tuna salad with some mayo sauce and a sprinkle of black pepper will get you going. Sugar-free jelly.
  • Grilled burger eaten without the bun, served with salad and low-fat dressing of your own choice.
  • Low in fat cottage cheese with some hollowed out red pepper ‘cup’ and a tossed healthy salad with balsamic vinaigrette, one slice rye crunchy bread feast with lessened-fat garlic butter (5g or less net carbs).
  • Prawn salad would be a good choice with light mayonnaise on a bed of spinach with lemon ricotta pudding.
  • One slice low in carb wheat bread or rye crunchy bread with antipasti: ham, black olives, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and sugar-free jelly.


  • Baked chicken breast along with some gravy (prepared from granules) served with some cauliflower mash and green beans peppered with almond slivers.
  • Thin grilled steak with a little sautéed mushrooms and one slice low-carb bread or rye crunchy bread and some tossed green salad with low in fat dressing and boiled broccoli bettered with grated, reduced-fat cheese.
  • Parched salmon steak served along with oven-cooked sprinkles, onions and corvettes and cauliflower mash, sugar-free jelly with a little low-fat cream.


  • Light cheese strings.
  • Peanut butter.
  • Celery sticks.
  • Veggies with light dip.
  • Slices of turkey.
  • Ham rolled up along with a piece of cheese.
  • Sugar-free ice pop.
  • Sugar-free jelly.
  • A little reduced-fat cream.
  • Lemon ricotta pudding.
  • Muffin.
  • olives


I hope the article would be helpful to you. If you have any questions please comment below in the comment box. For more information about weight loss click here. 

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