Best Ways To Lose Weight Really Fast


“A huge part of losing weight is believing, you can do it and realizing that it won’t happen overnight”

lose weight really fast

Lose weight really fast easy to say hard to work on it. Weight is one of the biggest problems faced by one third of the population these days. It has become the main source of the pain not even for the youngster but also adults and aged people.

Some people are so stressed out of this problem that they commit suicide. However I know these things because I have been through the problem of fat.

After hard work and mind control I lost weight in just 3 months and now my weight is 59 kg. I am sure you might be wondering how it is possible. So do you want to how to lose weight really fast?

How To Lose Weight Fast And Easy?

There are hundreds of ways to lose weight but the main thing is to set your mind first, set goals for yourself and think about what you want to see yourself in next 1 year. First control your mind then you will be able to rule over your body.

Losing weight is a game and we have to set levels for this game starting from the 1st level and moving till the finals. Let’s discuss how to lose weight fast and easy.

How To Lose Weight With Exercise

You can easily lose weight really fast with the following exercises:



It is not only just to boost your stamina but it is also best for losing weight. Running daily for about 45 minutes in the morning can help you burn up-to 450 calories or more depending on how fast or how slow you are running.

Try not to consume water too much or else you will get a stomach ache. Moreover this type of stomach ache won’t let you even walk. You can healthy weight loss drinks after the exercise but try to prevent liquids between exercises.

Morning Yoga


The main purpose of yoga is to relax your body and make your mind stress free. Stress and depression also causes fatness and disturbs the daily process your body go through.

Doing yoga in the morning will help you boast metabolism too. Metabolism boast will help you shape your body. Yoga is best for developing flexibility in your body and strengthens you.



Tabata is a pair of two heavy ropes which you have to lift up and down creating a wave like motion in them. These ropes are heavy and helps lose a lot of weight as the exercise is very tough you can easily lose up to 600 calories in some 4 minute if done in the right way.

Skipping Rope

Rope skipping has been a good game when we were young but this game is literally the most effective one to help lose weight really fast. This exercise can increase your stamina as well as help you lose weight too. Moreover it helps to make your legs stronger.


Swimming is the only exercise which engages every single part of our body. It can be said that it is the best exercise to lose weight really fast. There was a report that man lost all of his weight after swimming for 24 hours constantly.


Cross Fit

Cross fit or you can say rowing machine. This machine is just like rowing a boat it is the best yet most used physical exercise. It is quite expensive but yes, this cardio machines worth’s a high price.



Buy yourself a punching bag and relieve your stress of the day Ha-Ha just joking. Boxing helps you to lose weight as it is a very intense workout which engages every muscle of your body.


Don’t Know How To Lose Weight From Stomach?

Who doesn’t want 6 pack abs even a 10 year old kid wants craves for six pack abs funny isn’t it?  Okay let me guide you with the exercise.


Crunches are best for stomach weight loss. You can easily have abs in just a month but the workout should be intense. I have mentioned intense type of crunches below have a look at it

  • First of all lay down on a flat area with your head and back straight.
  • Next you have to put your hands at the back of your head.
  • Now slowly lift your head and back up which will cause pressure on stomach.

Wear weight losing belt on stomach so that the fat burns more quickly.

How To Lose Weight Without Exercise

Other than physical exercises there are many other diet plans and foods which help lose weight really fast.

Foods To Lose Weight Fast

Foods help to lose weight the ones which are full of proteins. Try to eat boiled fish. Fish is fully loaded with proteins and other weight losing nutrients.

Warning: do not drink milk or consume any dairy product before or after eating fish as it is harmful for health. Milk and other dairy products can cause reactions on skin such as the color of skin will change from different places.

Vitamin C


After years of research by scientist it is stated that vitamin c is also very good for weight loss moreover it is good for skin too. Oranges are full of vitamin c so try to eat at least one orange a day.





This wonderful and tasty sweeter has been a great fat burner. One should have it daily as it is also good for health moreover taking a full tablespoon of honey with black pepper burns fat in days.




Cocoa is used in the manufacturing of chocolates and bakery items too. It comes from a tree and has the ability to burn fat and purify our blood. Blood purification helps to lose weight as it will push out the fatty acids from our body.



Vinegar also helps to lose weight really fast. Isn’t it surprising? Every kitchen has this thing as it is used in daily food dishes. Try apple cider vinegar to lose weight even faster as this is mainly made for the weight loss purpose.



Vegetables are full of fiber content. Fiber is not stored as nutrients in our body it is passed out of our body. It just makes your tummy full and keeps your intestines happy.


Milk And Dairy products

Remember your mommy told you to drink milk if you want to be healthy? The thing she didn’t know was that the calcium in the milk helps control hunger too.

These methods are also an answer to the question asked often that how to lose weight fast at home? Just follow these diets along with some crunches and yoga and you will be able to lose weight really fast at home.

Water| A Source To Lose Weight Really Fast

Drinking a lot of water is the best thing to lose weight. The more we sweat the more we drink the more we lose. Drink water before your lunch dinner or any time you eat. Drinking water before you eat something can help make you feel fuller and therefor you will eat less.

Water is good body lubricant. It lubricates your joints so hit the gym and drink water so that you can work out for long.

Shocking Facts

  • In the early 19th century there was a diet called fletcherism which became popular among people. The diet was to chew the food for 32 times until it is in liquid form which helped to lose weight.
  • Losing weight helps to alter brain. After 6 months of weight loss diet, women performed better than other women who didn’t go for the diet plan.
  • Obesity is linked with different type of cancers. Heart attack is one of the problems faced by most of the obese people.
  • A fat cell lives for about 7 years in our body after that when one cell dies a new grows in the place of the one which died. Liposuction can temporarily make you thin but the fat cells will grow again in other part of the body.
  • According to a study by scientists, people who work in an unorganized place are likely to face obesity whereas people who are organized don’t have to go through this problem.
  • Ear infections can cause one to stop losing weight.
  • Weight loss pills work only for a small period of time but have many side effects such as depression.
  • Using elevator helps lose about 108 calories an hour however going through stair helps to lose about 509kg an hour.
  • The risk of obesity is increased by 41% daily if you drink a can of sugary soda daily.
  • A women’s breast is almost made up of fat that’s why it reduces more quick than other body parts when losing weight.
  • A person with soda readily available at home in the fridge weighs 12 kg more than those who don’t.

I hope the article would be helpful to you in losing weight. If you know something about weight loss do let us know. For any question please comment and share with us below.

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