A healthy diet plan for weight loss

What food to eat to lose weight:

I tried losing weight from various ways. Exercise, which includes running, jumping or hitting gym were part of it. But a proper diet plan is the best option to lose weight.  Food is the most basic part of our living as we cannot do without food. And food plays an important part in weight loss procedure.

Food keeps you energetic and healthy. Rightly optioned food is the basic step. It can make you less hungry. And control weight keeping it at prim and proper level. Food with low calories and more nutrition promote weight loss. They will add up fuel to your work outs.

Dieting for healthy weight loss:

Exact ways to lose weight may take time and patience. Weight loss would also demand some experimentation and dedication. Some people count calories, and some give themselves a free hand to plan a proper diet. It depends on the body type. As few people can get success if they avoid fried food and refined carbs.

Diet Control Chart:

  • Cutting down on calories
  • Low carbs
  • Less sugar and fat

Cutting down on calories:

The first step of weight loss is to eat fewer calories. As you eat fewer calories, you burn more. And that is how weight loss process takes place. When you lose on weight, you are also losing on fat, water and a tissue. Some of food items which have fewer calories in them are:

  1. Broccoli: 31 calories in one cup
  2. Broth: 10 calories per cup
  3. Sprouts: 38 calories
  4. Cabbage:22 per cup
  5. Lettuce: 5 calories in a cup
  6. Beets: 37 calories on ½ cup
  7. Cauliflower
  8. Coffee
  9. Mushrooms: 15 per cup
  10. 10. Tomatoes: 22 in half tomato

Low Carbs:

We eat carbs as such as:

  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • French fries

All the above mentioned food items are rich in carbohydrates. We eat Carb and it creates glucose. More insulin in our systems means our bodies crave for more food. So we need to cut down on carbs.

Few food items which have less carbs and are good for weight loss are meat, sea food or fish, eggs, nuts and berries. These are healthy and contain less carbs. Drinks which are less in carbs are water, coffee and tea.

Less sugar and fats:

In few diets fats and sugar helps to control are mood swings. They keep us going for a longer period of time. It is not about cutting on fats and sugar. Instead it is about having healthy food items which have fats. Nuts, avocados, soya milk and fish are rich food items; they keep us full and suit most of our body types. Weight loss is not about cutting on calories, carbs, sugar and fats. It is about the proper intake of food which controls us getting over weight. And also keeps us healthy.

Power food items for weight loss:

The basic necessity of a weight loss is eating healthy and exercising. The best food items in the procedure of weight loss can boost your energies.

  • Mushrooms:

Eating mushrooms makes you feel full and satisfied. It makes you feel as energetic as you have eaten meat or chicken. Mushrooms contain nutrition in them. It has 50% of carbs, 13% of fats and 37% of protein. They are celebrated as a source of nutrition. Mushrooms are grouped with vegetables and that is how they make us full and healthy.

weight loss



  • Eggs:

People who eat eggs every day in breakfast notice a difference in their weight. Egg in salad boosts more energy into our systems. Eggs are the best source of treating your body with proteins. Not only proteins but vitamins are also found in eggs.

weight loss


  • Apple:

Apples contain fiber in them. And fiber prevents human body to gain more weight. If you are overweight most of the doctors recommend apples. As they are rich in fiber and it makes you full. Eating less would eventually control your weight.

weight loss



  • Desserts which have low calories:

 When we do not eat sugar, we tend to eat more. Sugar is must for our bodies as no sugar can lower our energies. And a good choice in desserts would also help your body to lose weight like:

  1. Light ice cream sandwich
  2. Fruity fro
  3. Orange ice bar
  4. Dessert pop
  5. Vanilla ice cream
  6. Pear and chocolate
  7. Hot chocolate shot
  8. Maple bliss cookies
  9. Nutrition cookie
  10. Chocolate vita muffin weight loss


  • Soup:

Soup as an appetizer is very healthy. And a vegetable soup makes us intake less food over all. Few healthy weight loss soups are:

  1. Carrot and peas soup
  2. Rice and chicken soup
  3. Butternut squash soup
  4. Baked potato soup

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  • Almonds:

Chewing on something lessens our hunger. Almonds as a whole give us more energy and keep us full. Always keep a pack of roasted almonds and have few when you feel hungry. It will make you feel less hungry and keep you going for longer period of time.

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  • Hot Chili peppers:

 If we have a juice with Chile peppers we fell less hungry. It turns white fat to brown fat. The heat factor of chili pepper controls obesity and you may see more slimming factors.

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  • Greens:

Greens which include spinach, collards, kale and few more helps in making a perfect weight loss diet. They are full of fiber but less in carbohydrates and calories. Eating more vegetables would help increase in diet without gaining much. Leafy vegetables also contain vitamins, minerals and nutrition in them.

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  • Potatoes:

This is a fact that human beings can live on potatoes even if they do not eat anything else. Potatoes have been demoralized big time. In fact they play a pivotal part in weight loss. They can be in different forms:

Mashed ones


Boiled ones

They contain nutrients in them. After boiling, let potatoes cool down this will form starch converting it to fiber.


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  • Beans:

Beans have a pivotal part in weight loss. Such as black beans, kidney beans. They have proteins.

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  • Cottage Cheese:

Cheese which is a dairy product has more proteins in them. Cottage cheese is one of the best. It just has protein and very less amount of carbohydrate and fat. Eating cottage cheese will boost your protein intake. You feel that you are full with fewer amounts of calories. Dairy products have high calcium. That will aid fat burning procedure.


  • Avocados:

There is some unique kind of fruits, Avocados are one of them. Fruits have high carbs but avocados are loaded with fats. It also has high polemic acid which is as same as in olive oil.  Avocados contain a lot of water in them which shows that they are full of energy. A perfect add on to salads which are healthy. Many important nutrients are found in them like potassium and fiber.weight loss


·         Apple Cider Vinegar:

It is famous in health community. Some people add apple cider vinegar to water and drink it. Having vinegar increases the feeling of being full. And people eat few calories. Vinegar reduces blood sugar. There are a lot of beneficial aspects if you add vinegar in your diet routine.

·         Nuts:

Nuts are high in fat but they are not fattening. They are considered to be such snacks which do not let humans crave for more food. Nuts have equal amount of protein, fats and fiber.


Do not take excessive amount of nuts as they have high calories.

healthy foods to help lose weight

  • Water:

Water also helps in the process of weight loss. Yes it is shocking but it’s true. This diet works when you have foods that contain water in them.

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  • Fruits:

Fruits have low energy density even when they have sugar in them. And the fiber in them helps to control the sugar level running in bloodstream. They are effective in weight loss diet.

healthy foods to help lose weight


  • Coco nut oil:

It has high amount of fatty acids. These boost satiety, and more calories are burned.


  • Yogurt:

Another dairy item which has main part in weight loss process is yogurt. Yogurt contains bacteria which improves gut function. Just choose right quality of yogurt that is full fat yogurt. Low fat one is loaded with more sugar.

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Important Notes:

When we avoid eating carbs and calories. It does not mean we should not eat at all. High fiber foods are a must to have as they keep us full and healthy. They are also great for weight loss.

  1. Vegetables should be steamed
  2. Fruits should be added to breakfast cereal
  3. Veggies in sandwiches
  4. Carrot should be used in snacks
  5. Veggies in main course
  6. Salads and soups

Mostly meals which are cooked at home are recommended by dietitian. A small quantity of food should be taken but all three meals are a must to have. That will keep us healthy. With proper diet chart, add water on the top priority. Having breakfast meal early would affect it in a different way. Avoid food that tempts you. A healthy meal keeps a person going with energy.




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